Commonly used in applications where load carry capacity, operating temperature and coefficient of friction are
primary concerns.

This coating provides effective lubrication in a wide range of loads, in many cases exceeds 250,000 psi. Moly coatings lubricate sacrificially by transferring lubricant between the mating surfaces, which helps to reduce the wear and the coefficient of friction.

Moly coatings are a combination of molybdenum disulfide lubricant and high performance resins. Moly coatings are thermally cured and thoroughly bonded to the base metal coated part.



Load Capacity (ASTM 2625 B):
Wear Life (ASTM 2625A):
Salt Spray Resistance (ASTM B117):
Coefficient of Friction (ASTM D1894):
Abrasion Resistance (mil STD 141A):
Use Temperature:



250,000 psi
250 min
500 hrs
.19 static, .16 kenetic
10,000 cycles/mil
.0025″ – .0005″






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